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The Real Fact About Rahama Ndimi & Mohammed Buhari


Ndimi has composed an appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari, the Sultan of Sokoto affirming that her previous spouse who is the child of the previous head of state would abduct her youngsters while additionally guaranteeing risk to her life.

A source near the Babagida family who talked on the state of secrecy said the case was still in court and that Rahama was just attempting to trick the general population she was composing to.The source said the antagonized spouse of Babangida was devious in her affirmation as she really kept the children from coming back to class.
In the wake of bombing in her offer to compel the court to do her offering, Rahama Ndimi is not done yet. She has through her legal advisor requested of the President Muhammadu Buhari, the Sultan of Sokoto, the Chief Justice of the Federation and in addition the Inspector General of Police asserting badgering by Mohammed child to previous military pioneer, Ibrahim Babangida. This is notwithstanding the way that she has likewise chosen not to comply with a basic court arrange concerning her children custody.If the honestly, Rahama is full scale to drag her previous spouse and his family’s name in the mud. She had through different instant messages undermined to do this ever before the issue of. Authority of the children went to court and this is precisely what she is doing now. To brace this point, we can without much of a stretch allude to the route in which she yells that professional killers and executioner policemen are after her every time the court bailiff comes around to execute the court arrange or notwithstanding when relations whom she knows visit to talk about issues identifying with the children.
ndimi-rihama-and-family   The children have been with their dad even since she moved out of the family home in Minna around four years prior. She moved out all alone volition and left her children. In spite of all these, Mohammed still guaranteed that the family met up amid excursion through occasion trips abroad. After the last one, she declined to permit the children return to Minna. Mohammed had permitted the children to hold up with her after the excursion. She must be wheedled into coming to Minna before the children were come back to class.
By then, endeavors were made to guarantee that she was assuaged with endowments and cash. Obscure to Mohammed, she just enjoyed a reprieve. While amid the long excursion, the children went to her again for another occasion, she declined to discharge them for school, for the second time. Notwithstanding when the Sharia Court that is in a matter of seconds listening to the care suit chose that the kids ought to be come back to their dad so that the present state of affairs be kept up, she rejected it. She claimed against the choice of the Sharia Court and lost. However, she has declined to comply with the Court arrange. Or maybe, she chose to put the children in another school in Abuja. In the interim, every time court bailiff and policemen endeavored to uphold the court arrange, she would take to Instagram asserting that her rights are being trampled upon.
   The most recent exertion, which included a request of being sent to President Buhari and other top Nigerians is another progression went for outraging Mohammed and his family. What might a sensible lady be searching for sending petitions to open figures when she has a case in court over a the issue. Clearly, after she had neglected to secure what she need through the court and web-based social networking, she has chosen to attempt open figures trusting they will act the hero in an offer to propagate wrongdoing. We additionally dependably assembled that her dad had never anytime upheld her moves as he had abdominal muscle initio advised her to take the children back to their dad.

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