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Mp3: Wale – Groundhog Day “J. Cole Response”


Download Mp3 Wale Groundhog Day

download-mp3-wale-groundhog-day--download-wale-groundhog-day    J. Cole released two new tracks off his new collection “4 Eyes Only” due one week from now. On one track titled “False Prophet” he evidently went at Kanye West and Wale, many people said that he dissed them yet I call it a general evaluation of the considerable number of fakes going ahead in the industries today. Today Wale dropped his reaction track to recognize what J. Cole said in regards to him was reality. J. Cole’s line was “I got a homie, he a rapper and he wanna win terrible/He need the notoriety, the approval, the regard that has been had/By every one of the legends, so every time I see him, he stressin’/Talkin’ ‘session, n*ggas don’t fuck with him, the poo is depressin”
     It appears that Wale additionally felt Cole’s words were implied for him, as he’s came back with a reaction to the track as the Jake One-delivered “Groundhog Day.””I’m intensely defective, however a long way from a false prophet,” begins Wale, later rapping, “I recollect that me and Cole would open for Hov/Everyday a star is conceived/I figure I kicked the bucket in the womb.” Further along, he recognizes Cole’s track head-on. “I simply heard a song about me on a hip hop blog/from a child I know/some n*ggas say a hip bounce God/it hit home, ’cause this some truth.”Still, there’s no animosity between them. “I adore my sibling however/that is the reason it’s rest in piece to Tommy/we still bumpin’ Cole.”
Download Mp3 Wale Groundhog Day

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